Menus of Indian dishes in Cairns


Take a look through our menus of Indian dishes here at Tandoori nights, and choose which delicious items you would like to enjoy. We offer menus for all times of day, as well as a children’s and drink menu for your convenience. You’ll find that our menus are tailored to the time of day, or the group being served, but all feature the authentic Indian food that brings people from all over Cairns to dine with us. We offer dining services 7 days a week, so you can always stop by to enjoy any of our delicious entrees.
We provide the following menus:
Curry — Indian Cuisine in Cairns, QLD
Lunch menu
Whether you are treating a client to lunch or stopping by on your way to an afternoon shopping trip with friends, we have lunch items that ... Read more
Chicken Biryani — Indian Cuisine in Cairns, QLD
Dining menu
Stop in for dinner and enjoy one of our delectable Indian dishes. We use the aromatic spices that Indian food is known for, combined with ... Read more
Cocktails — Indian Cuisine in Cairns, QLD
Drink menu
Order a cocktail, wine or beer with your lunch or dinner or enjoy it as a nightcap. We offer a wide range of mixed drinks, liquors and more.
Channa Masala — Indian Cuisine in Cairns, QLD
Children’s menu
Even if your child doesn’t have an adventurous palate, he or she will find something to enjoy on our kid's menu. You’ll find Indian ... Read more
Indian Foods — Indian Cuisine in Cairns, QLD
Takeaway menu
Browse some of the delicious meals we have available on our takeaway menu. From mild Kormas to spicy Vindaloos and everything in between—... Read more

View some of our menus of Indian dishes and choose your favourites before you dine.

We offer a huge assortment of lunch and dinner options, including:
This curry originated in South or Central Asia and is made with yogurt, cream or nut pastes. It's a milder dish, suited for chicken, goat, lamb or beef.
This is an Indian curry that is popular in the Goa region. It is often considered a fiery, spicy dish, though it is not necessarily the hottest thing on the menu.
Rogan Josh
This aromatic lamb dish originated in Persia and translates to "cooked in oil at intense heat."
There is a range of Biryani recipes, but the element they all have in common is the use of basmati rice.
We hope that you will stop by soon to see for yourself the wide range of meals we have onoffer. Come in for lunch or dinner, seven days a week.