Prawns with Lemon — Indian Cuisine in Cairns, QLD
If you are looking for that perfect fusion of authentic Indian food along with the "Westernised" dishes that you may know and love from other restaurants, you have come to the right place. Tandoori Nights offers dishes that are sure to please hardcore Indian food aficionados as well as those who like a more familiar palate of flavours. We use the aromatic spices that Indian dishes are known for, lending our meals a nuanced flavour profile that expertly mingles the right amount of heat with spice. You can choose from a range of vegetarian dishes that are perfect when watching fat and calorie levels. We also offer meals with beef, chicken, lamb and seafood for those who prefer meat in their dish.

You will find that our dinners are portioned to fill you up. Aside from the main dishes, you can also enjoy authentic Naan, desserts, chutneys and a range of drinks we offer on our drink menu. Ask about dinner and drink specials to make the most of our what we have available. We not only provide dinner and lunch menus, but we also have takeaway and children's menus to make finding what you need quick and easy.

Our restaurant is located in Cairns and we are one of the few in the area offering a truly authentic Indian dining experience that not only stays true to the flavours of the region, but also the spices used and the health benefits associated. Eating Indian food regularly can help you experience the full benefits of spices such as turmeric, saffron and many others.

Stop by for lunch or dinner to enjoy authentic Indian food for the whole family in Cairns at Tandoori Nights

You can stop by for either lunch or dinner to experience the full range of delicious meals we have on offer. From light and delectable vegetarian dishes to decadent lamb and beef, you are sure to find something within our selection that will please your tastebuds. Additionally, you can feel good when you dine with us. Not only are our dishes made without the use of MSG but our food is also 100% gluten-free. Additionally, we do not use animal fats for our cooking and our oils are all cholesterol free, making our dinners a good option for those who are watching their numbers.

Call and make a reservation or stop by today! We look forward to serving you.